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We provide virtual support for hard-working entrepreneurs with growing businesses so they can experience an increase in joy, productivity, revenue, and free time.

Are you looking to ditch the overwhelm that comes with growing a business and trade it in for a serious boost of support and all things amazing?

If so, you're in the right place!

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Administrative Tasks

Calendar Management

Email Management

Digital Marketing Support

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Social Media Management

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Online Business Management

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How do I know I'm ready for VA or OBM support?

If you've made your way to our website, there's a pretty good chance you're ready to hire a virtual assistant or online business manager to support your business. Clients who find their way to us are typically already overwhelmed, stressed, short on time, and wondering when the best time might be to hire some help.

So our question is: Why not now?!


If you're already here, we'd love to schedule a no pressure, no obligation, complimentary discovery call to learn more about your business and areas of need. From there, we'll share some ways we might support you. Again, we promise we'll have no expectations!


"There are a lot of options for VAs, but none are even close to what Christine can do! She really shows how valuable a knowledgeable VA is by working autonomously behind the scenes to make sure our business is running smoothly...Christine truly works to get to know you and your business, your goals, and figure out where she can help."

Megan, The Early Learning Place

Our Services.

Whether you need an online business manager to streamline systems and processes, an executive virtual assistant to complete daily administrative tasks, or a creative wing-woman to provide digital marketing support, we're in your corner and ready to help!

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Online Business Management.

Have you always dreamed of having your very own strategic partner and idea bouncer? We're here to assist you with all the brainstorming, goal setting, clarifying, strategizing, and implementing you need to streamline, organize, and automate your growing business. 

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Executive Administrative Services.

Are you looking for a virtual assistant to provide support with daily administrative tasks? Our administrative services packages are perfectly tailored to each client based on their specific needs. 

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Digital Marketing & Design Services.

Do you have a brand kit, but don't have time to design "all the things"? Or perhaps you're hoping to have a social media presence, but just don't have the time to get started with designing templates, organizing content, or scheduling posts? Share your deepest desires with us and we'll recommend a digital marketing package that will set your plan in motion.

Meet Christine, the founder & heartbeat of our company.

As a virtual assistant and online business manager...

Christine has supported entrepreneurs in a number of industries: business and life coaching, health and wellness, photography, events, and education. She's worked with solopreneurs, small businesses with only a few team members, and even a growing therapy practice with over forty employees. 


During her six years as an OBM and VA, she's fallen head-over-heels in love with all things organization, delegation, and systems. Christine is passionate about treating businesses as if they are her own, along with all the strategies and planning in place to help take them to the next level. 


While each business Christine has supported has been a bit different, the entrepreneurs she's supported over the years have had one very important thing in common: they've inspired her. She says, "There's just something so special about playing an important role in their growth, witnessing the work they do, following the journeys they're on, and being their cheerleader as they experience success along the way."

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Sure, you can do anything, but you don't need to do everything.

Join the growing number of clients who wish they had started working with a Virtual Assistant or Online Business Manager sooner!


Work with an experienced member of the Christine Nicole team who cares as much about your business as you do - with quality, ongoing support that suits your needs.

Have your very own project management guru in your back pocket to help organize, strategize, co-create, or design your next big project.

Allow a virtual assistant to take care of the tedious, time consuming, or boring administrative tasks that keep you tied up all week, so you can work on growing your business instead.

Do that thing you've been meaning to do for months (or years!) now, "if you only had the time". With our support, now you do!

Work with an OBM to finally find the right systems and automations to help your business grow with improvements in workflow, communication, billing, and more!

Say "goodbye" to wearing all the hats in your business, start checking boxes on your task list, and say "yes!!" to joy & that upcoming beach vacation. 


Contact Us

Not sure if you´re ready for our level of support? Let's schedule a time for a complimentary discovery call! 


 You'll share a bit about your business and goals - we'll share how we might be able to assist you. No commitment necessary!

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